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in 2011 we began hosting house concerts to share the works of emerging musicians with our friends in the most intimate of settings - our living room.  since then we have proudly hosted amazing artists from across the country.  join us and see what a true concert experience should be.

for a quick summary of our little music project, check out the 9NEWS Storytellers feature on our concert series.  more details are included below and on other pages of our website.  

9NEWS: Superior couple invites people to their home for intimate house concerts

it seemed simple enough - heading down to the neighborhood coffee shop for a local musician's cd release party.  the music was great, but the interaction between the artist and the crowd is what really got us hooked.  conversations about the music and the inspiration for each song were ongoing throughout the set.  it was a small but totally engaged crowd.  that is when the lightbulb went off - why not try something similar in an even more intimate setting … our living room.

well, we did.  since that first house concert we have been growing and evolving.  we have had artists from all over the country play our living room.  what started out as a simple idea has turned into a full-blown passion.  more importantly, since we began this little "project," our house concerts have taken on a greater meaning as well.  

the music industry is changing rapidly.  many of us look at streaming services such as spotify, pandora, and apple music as a great way to listen to our favorite tunes.  the reality, however, is that as a direct result of those very services we are buying - and artists are selling - fewer albums.  if we (all) want to continue to discover new music and new artists, we need to actively support them during their creative process.  by attending our house concerts you are doing just that.  

we do this to support the artist(s).  we do this to bring our community together.  we do this for fun.  this is a mission to support the arts, it is not a business.  100% of the revenue goes to the artists - we don't take a dime.  we will continue to evolve and push the envelope on our end with the sole goal of enhancing the overall experience for both artist and guest.  the only thing we request from you is your support. 

drop us a line (  with any questions, comments, or ideas. we hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows real soon.  


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sounds of simon

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