sounds of simon

in 2011 we began hosting house concerts to share the works of emerging musicians with our friends in the most intimate of settings - our living room.  since then we have proudly hosted amazing artists from across the country.  join us and see what a true concert experience should be.

here are some details about the shows and answers to questions we often receive ...

  1. space is limited so we suggest that you rsvp early.  
  2. we have a combination of seated and standing space available.  seats are secured on a first come, first served basis.  
  3. all door and merchandise revenue goes directly to the artist(s).  we don't take a dime.  this is our passion - to connect amazing musicians with our community through a truly unique experience.
  4. shows are adults only unless otherwise noted.  
  5. we ask that everyone bring an appetizer, dessert, beer, or wine to share with the group.  this makes for a really nice spread.  
  6. we are opening our home to the community.  in return, we hope that the community will understand this gesture and treat our "venue" more like a real house than a frat house.  no problems to date … just hoping to keep it that way.
  7. most importantly … have a blast.  really enjoy every aspect of this experience. 

please feel free to email us ( if you have any other questions not addressed above.